Jobs Board

Below are job listings submitted to us by our community members and external organizations.  All require data science skill sets, and some also require additional domain expertise.  To learn more about a specific position or if you have any questions, click the posting link and contact the respective hiring organization.

We list off-campus and other job announcements to help connect our community with potential opportunities.  These postings should not be inferred as endorsement of any named companies, entities or products.

Posting Date Job Link
6 Nov 2020 Population Dynamics & Modeling Biometrician (Olympia, WA)
6 Nov 2020 Agricultural Research Service Western Human Nutrition Research Center Postdoc Opportunity (Davis, CA)
6 Nov 2020 Agricultural Research Service Western Human Nutrition Research Center Postdoc Opportunity (Davis, CA)
6 Nov 2020 Integrative Data Analytics Intern (Woodland, CA)
23 Oct 2020 Gladstone-BTS Faculty (San Fransisco, CA)
23 Oct 2020 Gladstone-DEB Faculty (San Fransisco, CA)
23 Oct 2020 Assistant Professor of Data Science (University of Massachusetts, Boston)
23 Oct 2020 Interdisciplinary Biologist/Physical Scientist (Data Scientist) Level GS13 (Fort Collins, CO)
23 Oct 2020 Interdisciplinary Biologist/Physical Scientist (Data Scientist) Level GS12 (Fort Collins, CO)
16 Oct 2020 Funded Graduate Position in Computational Social Science (CSS) (Davis, CA)
29 Sept 2020 Postdoctoral Research Associate (Norman, OK)
3 Sept 2020 Research Fellow in Natural Language Processing and Information Extraction (Southampton, UK)
12 Sept 2020 Assistant Professor in Environmental Data Science at UC Santa Barbara (Santa Barbara, CA)
3 Sept 2020 Human Rights by Design Fellowship (open to grad students at any UC campus)
1 Sept 2020 Data Engineer and Front-End Developer positions at Conservation Science Partners, Inc. (California and Colorado)
1 Sept 2020 Better Scientific Software Fellowship Program
31 Aug 2020 Data Management intern at Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute (Front Royal, VA)
18 Aug 2020 Computational Internship with Smithsonian MarineGEO
18 Aug 2020 Computer-System Architect (Davis, CA)
18 Aug 2020 Postdoctoral Research Scientist at Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia University (Palisades, NY)
23 July 2020 Postdoc in Salmon Management (requires high level R programming proficiency) at UC Santa Cruz
22 July 2020 Biodiversity Genomics Postdoctoral Fellowship (Washington, DC)
22 July 2020 Data Science Health Innovation Fellowship (Berkeley, CA)
22 July 2020 Civic Digital Fellowship (Remote)
1 July 2020 Postdoctoral Scholar in Fisheries Science at UC Davis (Davis, CA)
1 July 2020 Application Developer for UCD Library (Davis, CA)
17 June 2020 Senior Data Scientist (Redwood City, CA)
17 June 2020 Academic Fellowships in Machine Learning or Data Science (University of Cambridge, UK)
17 June 2020 Dryad Data Curator (Remote)
17 June 2020 DataKind Project Manager (Brooklyn, NY)
17 June 2020 Data Services Librarian at UC Berkeley (Berkeley, CA)
17 June 2020 Postdoctoral Scholar in Hyperspectral Remote Sensing of Invasion Ecology (Merced, CA)
15 June 2020 Web Programmer at UC Davis Library (Davis, CA)
2 June 2020 Postdoc on COVID-forecasting projects (Hamilton, Canada)
2 June 2020 Postdoc at UC Davis modeling site characteristics and grape and wine juice chemistry (Davis, CA)
2 June 2020 Student Assistant Web Interface Development (Remote)
2 June 2020 Undergraduate Summer Internship at UC Davis
26 May 2020 STEM Portal Graduate Student Internship
27 April 2020 OpenSnow Weather Data Scientist (CA)
27 April 2020 Covid-19 Behind Bars Data Project Research Fellows at UCLA (Los Angeles, CA or remote)
27 April 2020 Postdoctoral Fellowship in Computer Science: Knowledge Graphs and Natural Language Processing at Stanford (Palo Alto, CA)
27 April 2020 Postdoctoral Scholar at Stanford’s AI Laboratory (Palo Alto, CA)
27 April 2020 Postdoctoral Researcher, Machine Learning at Pfizer (Cambridge, MA)
27 April 2020 Research Fellow, Biostatistics, Harvard Medical School (Boston, MA)
27 April 2020 Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Hong Kong, School of Biomedical Sciences (Pok Fu Lam, Hong Kong)
27 April 2020 Director of Research Data Governance (Stanford University, Palo Alto CA)
27 April 2020 Associate Senior Lecturer in Data Science (University of Greenwich, Greenwich England)
27 April 2020 Faculty Director for the UC San Diego Design Lab (San Diego, CA)
27 April 2020 Computational & Data Science Fellowships from SIGHPC (remote)
27 April 2020 Paul Evan Peters Fellowship in Information/Library Sciences (Washington, DC)
12 March 2020 Associate Director for Educational Analytics and Assessment (Davis, CA)
12 March 2020 Artificial Intelligence Postdoctoral Fellowship (Boston, MA)
12 March 2020 Postdoctoral Researcher at Apple (Pittsburgh, PA)
03 March 2020 Postdoctoral Fellowship (Denmark)
03 March 2020 Data Solutions Coordinator (Twin Cities, MN)
03 March 2020 Research Scientist (New York, NY)
03 March 2020 Senior Data Scientist (Stanford, CA)
13 February 2020 Web Programmer (Davis, CA)
7 February 2020 Information Controls Fellowship (multiple locations)
3 February 2020 Data and Technology Advancement National Service Scholar Program at NIH (Rockville, MD or RTP, NC)
3 February 2020 Senior Data Center Operator (Davis, CA)
3 February 2020 Emerging Leaders in Data Science Fellowship at NIAID (Oak Ridge, TN)
23 January 2020 Database Developer for the California Academy of Sciences (San Francisco, CA)
21 January 2020 Microbiome Graduate Scholar (West Sacramento, CA)
21 January 2020 Microbial Genomics Graduate Scholar (Sacramento, CA)
14 January 2020 Postdoc: Biomedical Data Science Training Project (Davis, CA)
14 January 2020 Data Scientist position at Aon Retiree Health Solutions (virtual or Chicago, IL)
7 January 2020 Fellowship: Foreign Affairs Information Technology Fellowship (US Department of State)
7 January 2020 Postdoc: Fellow at ETH Foundations of Data Science (Zurich, Switzerland)
7 January 2020 Postdoc: Fellow in Data Science and Population Informatics at Texas A&M University (College Station, TX)
7 January 2020 Postdoc: Fellowship at Stanford University’s Meta-Research Innovation Center (Palo Alto, CA)
7 January 2020 Internship: Google Research 2020 (various locations across the U.S.)
7 January 2020 Internship: Data Science for the Public Good 2020 Recruitment, University of Virginia’s Biocomplexity Institute and Initiative (Charlottesville, VA)
7 January 2020 Internship: Netflix Research Summer Internship (Los Gatos, CA)
6 January 2020 Applications Programmer at UC Davis (Davis, CA)
12 December 2019 Funding: About Kaggle’s Open Data Research Grant
9 December 2019 Postdoc for statistical modeling of climate, viticulture and enology at UC Davis (Davis, CA)
7 December 2019 Faculty: Research Positions in Statistical Sciences at University of Virginia’s Biocomplexity Center (Charlottesville, VA)
21 November 2019 Postdoctoral Associate at BioFrontiers Institute (Boulder, CO)
21 November 2019 Data Science for Social Good Program Director (Pittsburgh, PA)
21 November 2019 Data Science for Social Good Summer Fellowship (Pittsburgh, PA)
20 November 2019 LibreTexts Engineering Education UC Davis Student Assistant (Davis, CA)
20 November 2019 Summer 2020 Civic Digital Fellowship (Washington DC)
20 November 2019 Assistant Professor of Data Science Ethics at UCSD (La Jolla, CA)
20 November 2019 Assistant to Full Professor of Informatics at Univ. Washington (Seattle, WA)
20 November 2019 2 Assistant Professor Jobs in Computer Science at UCSB (Santa Barbara)
20 November 2019 Faculty position in Machine Learning Algorithms and Applications at Michigan State (Lansing, MI)
20 November 2019 Research Scientist/Engineer 3 at Univ Washington Data Intensive Research in Astrophysics and Cosmology (DIRAC) Institute (Seattle, WA)
21 November 2019 Data Journalist Intern (Washington D.C.)
19 November 2020 Administration: Chief Privacy Officer for the City & County of San Francisco (San Francisco, CA)
12 November 2019 Assistant/Associate Professor in Data Science in Life Sciences at Purdue Univ (W. Lafayette, IN)
11 November 2019 Administration: Executive Director, Center for Information, Technology, and Public Life at the University of North Carolina’s School of Information and Library Science (Chapel Hill, NC)
8 November 2019 Microsoft Post Doc Researcher (New York, NY)
7 November 2019 Computer Science Postdoctoral Scholar (Berkeley, CA)
6 November 2019 Research Analyst at CA Department of Justice (Sacramento, CA)
5 November 2019 Coordinator-Research Scientist at SUNY with statistical analysis skills (Buffalo, NY)
1 November 2019 Astronomy Research Scientist/Engineer (Seattle, WA)
21 October 2019 Chief Data Officer for State of California (Sacramento, CA)
21 October 2019 Software Engineer at Obsidian Security (Newport Beach, CA)
21 October 2019 Library Residency Program in Digital Scholarship Services at NYU (New York, NY)
21 October 2019 Postdoctoral Researcher at AI Now Institute at NYU (New York, NY)
21 October 2019 Faculty Position in Information Science at Cornell University (Ithaca, NY)
29 October 2019 Data Analyst, Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (Monterey, CA)
21 October 2019 Chief Program Officer at DataKind (New York, NY)
21 October 2019 Postdoc modeling collective behavior (Leeds, UK)
17 October 2019 9 Student Assistant positions at Department of Water Sciences for data science & AI application (Sacramento, CA)
17 October 2019 Coastal Ecosystem Data Technician at the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center (Edgewater, MD)
16 October 2019 Director of Business Analytics at Stanford University (Redwood City, CA)
7 October 2019 Data Wrangler graduate student assistant, California Policy Lab (Sacramento, CA)
4 October 2019 Postdoc at Social Media Collective, Microsoft Research New England (Cambridge, MA)
1 October 2019 Faculty Position at NYU in Arts and Science Social Science Department and Center for Data Science (New York, NY)
26 September 2019 Assistant Professor of Data Science, UC Davis Department of Mathematics (Davis, CA)
18 September 2019 US Fish & Wildlife Service Great Basin Institute Data Support Specialist (Sacramento, CA)
13 September 2019 Assistant Professor of Society and Ethics in Data Science (San Diego, CA)
3 September 2019 Assistant Professor of Learning Analytics at the University of Wisconsin-Madison (Madison, WI)
3 September 2019 Data Fellow (Junior Specialist) at NCEAS (Santa Barbara, CA)
26 August 2019 Two Biostatistician Positions at UCDMC (Sacramento, CA)
27 August 2019 VDI/Web Support Technician at UC Davis Library (Davis, CA)
25 August 2019 UC Davis DataLab Staff Data Scientist (2 positions in Davis, CA)
6 August 2019 Postdoc at George Washington University Institute for Data, Democracy and Politics (Washington DC)
6 August 2019 RStudio, Inc. Information Architect and Digital Librarian (remote)
2 August 2019 R&D Computational Social Scientist – Entry/Mid-Career – at Sandia National Laboratories (Albuquerque, NM)
1 August 2019 Software Research Scientist with EcoHealth Alliance (flexible/remote)
1 August 2019 Postdoc in Quantitative & Conservation Genetics (UC Davis, CA)
1 August 2019 Postdoc in Biostatistics at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center (Seattle, WA)
1 August 2019 Data Scientist at VSP (Elk Grove, CA)
31 July 2019 USGS Postdoc for management/population modeling (Maryland)
29 July 2019 Postdoc on Bayesian statistics and applied ecology (Norway)
12 July 2019 CA Fish & Wildlife Software Application Developer (Sacramento, CA)
20 June 2019 Livermore Graduate Scholars Program (Livermore, CA)
30 April 2019 GSR opportunity with the Office of Public Scholarship and Engagement (UC Davis, CA)
18 April 2019 IIFH Innovator Fellowship (UC Davis, CA)
21 February 2019 Professor of Data Science
16 November 2018 Asst Professor of Environmental Data Analytics & Visualization (CSU Channel Islands)
09 November 2018 Asst Professor of Communication Theory (UC Davis, CA)
27 September 2018 Visiting Assistant Statistics Professor (UC Davis, CA)
12 September 2018 Asst Professor of Communication Theory (UC Davis, CA)
31 May 2018 UC National Lab Graduate Fellowships (Livermore, CA)
30 May 2018 Biostatistics Job at Bayer CropScience (Sacramento, CA)
29 May 2018 Bioinformatician at Clemson University
22 May 2018 Data Science for Good Part-Time Internship
22 May 2018 Software Engineer – Machine Learning (San Francisco, CA)
22 May 2018 Postdoc in AI & Machine Learning (Harvard, MA) & FDA
22 May 2018 Digital Technologies Development Librarian at NCSU (Raleigh, NC)
22 May 2018 Data Manager, University of FL (Gainesville, FL)
22 May 2018 Assoc Director of Data Science, Public Policy at Georgetown
21 May 2018 Data Scientist Job for Mental Health
21 May 2018 TensorFlow Lite Development at Google
04 May 2018 Multiple Global Ecology Remote Sensing/AI Jobs at Stanford (Palo Alto, CA)
02 May 2018 Stats Data Analyst Job at UCLA Policy Lab (based in Sacramento, CA)
26 April 2018 Multiple bioinformatics jobs at UCDMC (Sacramento, CA)
25 April 2018 Health Informatics Summer Graduate Fellowship
03 April 2018 Data Systems Analyst Job (UC Davis, CA)
03 April 2018 On-campus interviews for jobs at Sandia National Labs
01 April 2018 9-5 pm Data Science Job @ UC Davis DSI
15 March 2018 OptumLabs Summer Internship @ UCSF
06 March 2018 Data, Informatics & Application Launch (DIAL) Grant
06 March 2018 9-5 pm Postdoc @ UC Davis DSI
12 January 2018 Postdoc or Software Developer Job for NIMBLE
18 December 2017 Data Science for Social Good Summer Fellowship
18 December 2017 Faculty Job Data Science for Sustainable Development at Univ. Michigan
12 December 2017 DSI Data Science Internships
09 December 2017 Data Science Internship at County of Sacramento
09 December 2017 Assistant Teaching Professor in Data Science at UCSD
08 December 2017 Asst Professor of Applied Ecosystem Modeling at UC Davis
01 December 2017 NYU Moore-Sloan Data Science Fellowship
30 November 2017 Postdocs at Smithsonian’s Data Science Lab
15 November 2017 Faculty Position: Data Studies in Science and Technology Studies & Data Science
09 November 2017 Postdoc in Machine Learning at Facebook
23 October 2017 Insight Data Fellows Program
17 October 2017 Assistant Professor of Cognitive & Information Sciences
15 October 2017 Faculty Position: Precision Medicine Informatics
04 September 2017 NCEAS Data Science Fellowship
04 September 2017 Public Health GSR & Postdoc
18 May 2017 Postdoctoral Scholar: Data-driven Academic Institutional Effectiveness Research
31 December 2016 Full-time job: Academic Coordinator
31 December 2016 Tenure-track faculty position in Data Studies 2016
23 January 2016 Internship at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory