Adventures in Data Science is back in Winter 2023! DataLab directors Carl Stahmer and Pamela Reynolds will teach the first course in a two-part series offering a hands-on introduction to data science for social science and humanities undergraduates.

This first course (Winter 2023) focuses on acquiring the skills necessary for performing data-driven, interdisciplinary research and is the first course in a challenging two-quarter series. Combined, the two-quarter honors/elective series introduces students to the basics of computer programming and data analysis using the R programming language and provides hands-on exposure to the core skills needed to work in interdisciplinary, team-science settings.

Prerequisite(s): Students must have declared or are intending to declare a traditionally non-computational major and/or minor. Students from the social sciences, humanities, and arts will receive priority; students in the life sciences and similar traditionally non-computational majors are also eligible to participate. Undergraduate and graduate students from outside the University Honors Program can enroll with instructor permission.

For more information, visit the University Honors Program webpage. For registration information, contact Taylor Cameron.

Adventures in Data Science: Social Sciences Series, Quarter 1
CRN: IST8A, 4 Units (GE credit: SE, SL)
Tuesday 12:10-1:00 PM, Shields Library 360
Thursday 12:10-3:00 PM, Shields Library 360
Instructors: Carl Stahmer and Pamela Reynolds