Our Team

A highly interdisciplinary, cross-university entity, the DataLab serves as a hub for a community of researchers and students from many domains who are interested in data science and pushing the envelope of research in the digital age.

Current Members

Carl StahmerExecutive Director

Carl Stahmer is a digital humanist. He leverages his expertise as a computer programmer and system architect to tackle complex problems in the humanities and beyond. Stahmer received his PhD in English from UC Santa Barbara. He is a professor in English at UC Davis and was head of the former Data and Digital Scholarship unit in the Library. He is a member of the teaching faculty at the Rare Book School, University of Virginia. His research interests include applications of natural language processing, computer vision, and library science.

Pamela ReynoldsAssociate Director

Pamela Reynolds is an experimental biologist with a background in team science and project management. At DataLab she works to connect and train students, faculty and staff with computational tools and thinking to enable innovative interdisciplinary research. Reynolds received her PhD in Biology from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She holds dual bachelor’s degrees in Biological Sciences and Nature and Culture (English) from UC Davis, and for her postdoc co-lead a global research network. Her research interests also include developing pedagogy for teaching technical skills.

Michele TobiasGeospatial Data Specialist

Michele Tobias is a geospatial data scientist with a background in geospatial methods for ecology. Michele earned her PhD from UC Davis in Geography where she studied California’s sandy beach ecosystem with traditional phytosociological methods and innovative remote sensing tools and was a postdoc at the UC Davis Information Center for the Environment. At DataLab, she applies geospatial tools to new avenues of research across disciplines.

Tyler ShoemakerPostdoctoral Scholar

Tyler Shoemaker is a Postdoctoral Scholar. He holds a Ph.D. in English Literature from UC Santa Barbara and conducts research on media history and the digital humanities. At the DataLab, Tyler develops and implements methods for text analysis and natural language processing across a variety of research projects, ranging from literary studies to environmental and health sciences.

Wesley BrooksData Scientist

Wesley Brooks is a research data scientist. He holds a PhD in Statistics and an MS in Biostatistics from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where he taught as a lecturer before joining DataLab. He was a postdoc in the Ecostats lab at the University of New South Wales, studying point processes and ecological statistics. His interests span from statistical computing to spatial statistics, nonparametric regression, and multimodel inference.

Arthur KoehlData Scientist

Arthur Koehl is a research data scientist. He graduated from UC Davis with degrees in history and economics and a minor in computer science. His interests include natural language processing, computer vision, and web programming. At the DataLab he develops tools and provides technical expertise on interdisciplinary research projects in the humanities and social sciences.

Nick UlleData Scientist

Nick Ulle is a statistician and computer scientist. He received a PhD and MS in Statistics from UC Davis, where he developed source code analysis techniques for the R programming language. He also received a BS in Mathematics from UC San Diego. He was a visiting assistant professor of Statistics at UC Berkeley, where he designed and taught courses in data science. His research interests include statistical computing, programming languages, data visualization, and pedagogy.

Oliver KreylosVisualization Researcher

Oliver Kreylos is a computer scientist researching virtual reality and computer graphics and their application to scientific data analysis. Kreylos received his PhD in Computer Science from the University of California, Davis. He holds master’s degrees in Computer Science from UC Davis and the University of Karlsruhe, Germany. Kreylos is also affiliated with the UC Davis W.M. Keck Center for Active Visualization in the Earth Sciences KeckCAVES.


Glenda Gaines holds a bachelor’s degree in Political Science from University of California, San Diego. “From the standpoint that all things are political—from the votes we cast, to the food we eat, to the shelter we seek—it is the art of governance that maintains the ability to not only define the human condition but improve upon it.” Glenda Gaines 

Breanne WeberGraduate Student Researcher

Breanne Weber is a PhD Candidate in English with an emphasis in Science and Technology Studies. Her research explores 16th and 17th century British literature via the intersections of early scientific and material epistemologies, book history, and the digital humanities. Breanne is responsible for communications and outreach at the DataLab.

Liza WoodGraduate Student Researcher

Liza Wood is an environmental social scientist, earning a PhD in Ecology with an emphasis in Computational Social Science. She studies innovation systems and policies related to agricultural seeds. Her research looks at how plant genetic material is accessed and managed to understand agricultural systems’ readiness for climate change. Liza holds master’s degrees in Sustainability Science and Organic Farming and has conducted food systems research from a variety of disciplines.

Faculty Directors

Titus BrownAssociate Professor of Veterinary Medicine

Professor Brown serves as DataLab’s Director for Community Engagement.  The Brown lab focuses on genomic, transcriptomic, and metagenomic sequence analysis. The lab is the primary developer of the khmer software, for faster and more efficient sequence analysis of high-throughput sequencing data. They also run quite a bit of training in data-intensive biology. Professor Brown serves on DataLab recruitment committees, teaches workshops, leads hackathons, and participates in our strategic activities and planning. His lab also runs the “Meet and Analyze (biological) Data” (aka MAD) weekly drop-in office hours.

Vladimir FilkovProfessor of Computer Science

Professor Filkov serves as DataLab’s Director for Translational Data Science.  He is a data scientist specializing in a number of applied areas including Empirical Software Engineering, Systems Biology and Gene Networks in Plants, Applied Network Theory, and Data Mining and Algorithms.

Bala RajaratnamProfessor of Statistics

Professor Rajarantnam serves as DataLab’s Director for Research. He studies the theoretical and applied aspects of high dimensionality and extracting complex multivariate dependencies, including correlation-covariance estimation. His applied projects include applications in health and environmental sciences.

Student Assistants and Interns


Anant Mashiana, Student analyst

Bi Nguyen, Student analyst

Sebastian Lopez, Geospatial Student Assistant

Alison Wong, Geospatial Student Assistant

Andrea Yang, Digital Humanities Intern

Faculty Advisory Group

Jason Adams

Assistant Professor Pulmonary, Critical Care, and Sleep Medicine.

Nicholas Anderson

Associate Professor in Public Health Sciences, Robert D. Cardiff Professor of Informatics, Division of Health Informatics Chief, Department of Public Health Sciences Informatics Research Director.

Hemant Bhargava

Professor, MBSA Program Chair, Jerome and Elise Suran Chair in Technology Management.

Amber Boydstun

Professor in Department of Political Science, Affiliated Faculty Department of Communication.

C. Titus Brown

Associate Professor at the Genome Center, Department of Population Health and Reproduction, School of Veterinary Medicine.

Colin Cameron

Professor of Economics.

Chen-Nee Chuah

Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering and Computer Science.

Chris Drake

Faculty in Department of Statistics.

Vladimir Filkov

Professor in Computer Science, Co-director of the DECAL lab.

Dalia Ghanem

Associate Professor in Agricultural and Resource Economics.

Tessa Hill

Professor in Earth and Planetary Sciences, CMSI Associate Director of Public Engagement.

Patrice Koehl

Professor of Computer Science and Founding Director of the Data Science Initiative.

Laura Marcu

Professor in Biomedical Engineering, Director of the Marcu Lab.

Bala Rajaratnam

Statistics Faculty and Scientific Director at the DataLab.

Naoki Saito

Professor in Department of Mathematics, UC Davis TETRAPODS Institute of Data Science (UCD4IDS) Director.

MacKenzie Smith

UC Davis University Librarian and Vice Provost of Digital Scholarship

Paul Ullrich

Associate Professor of Regional Climate Modeling, Associate Editor for Monthly Weather Review.

Previous Members

Graduate Student Researchers

Faculty Advisory Group

  • John Daniels, Statistical Programming Consultant and Systems Administrator for the Social Science Data Service.
  • Paul Dodd, Associate Vice Chancellor for Interdisciplinary Research and Strategic Initiatives.
  • Benjamin Houlton, Chancellor’s Fellow, Professor of Global Environmental Studies, and Director of the John Muir Institute for the Environment (JMIE).
  • Prasant Mohapatra, Professor of Computer Science, Dean of Graduate Studies and Vice-Provost of Graduate Education.
  • Viji Murali, Chief Information Office and Vice Provost of Information and Educational Technology (IET).
  • Tony Tyson, Distinguished Professor of Physics.

Post-Doctoral Scholars

  • Jane Carlen was a postdoc at the DSI providing data science support for applied research throughout the university, and data science training for students and faculty. She received her PhD in Statistics from UCLA, where she studied social networks with a focus on developing regularized network models and community detection in time-dependent networks. She is currently a data scientist at the LA Times.
  • Dan Hicks is an Assistant Professor at UC Merced. Their postdoc at the DataLab:DSI focused on academic institutional effectiveness. Their research interests include data ethics, science and technology studies, and bibliometrics.
  • Matt Espe was postdoc at the DataLab focused R software development, such as the Rtesseract package. Their research interests include agronomy, major crop yields, and data science.

Student Assistants and Interns

  • Student Analyst: Chandni Nagda, Hiroka Tamura, Jean Zhuge, Jiayin Yang, Shelly Wu, Yanqin Shen, Sarah Gaeta
  • Student Intern: Will Schmidt, Juliet Israel, Lucas Rodriguez
  • Geospatial Student Assistant: David Li, Elijah Stockwell
  • Design Student: Jesse Escobar

In Memoriam