The Health Data Science and Systems Research & Learning Cluster is meeting this Friday, December 4th, 10:30am-noon to hear from Christy Navarro about Upskilling for a Data Fluent Culture.

Working in a data-driven health care organization, it is important to create common ground to aid in transforming complex concepts into action.  Data is a medium for communicating, convincing and even steering patient care and research strategies. A common barrier is that many of us are not comfortable communicating with data. Increasing data fluency skills allows us to view our contributions through a broader lens that includes data insight and analytics expertise.  During this interactive session participants will have a better understanding of data fluency concepts, why it is important, along with tools and resources to help upskill your data fluency competencies.

The meeting is open to all members of the UC Davis community, though it is focused towards faculty, graduate students, and staff. No pre-registration required. To learn more about this event and receive updates from the Health Data Science and Systems cluster, sign up for their mailing list here. Zoom information is distributed through this list. This Research & Learning Cluster is supported by the UC Davis DataLab and UC Davis Health Clinical and Translational Science Center.

About the Presenter

Christy Navarro ( is a Health Library Informaticist at Blaisdell Medical Library serving the health sciences community. She has 20 years of experience in health care and 15 years of consumer, patient and research subject privacy, and information security. She is passionate about helping researchers meet their research goals and helping to accelerate innovative research through the dissemination of health data resources. Her interests include the study of algorithmic bias that reflects systematic discrimination. Christy provides workshops, develops guides, holds office hours, and consults on a variety of topics related to health data.