DataLab provides Data Science and Informatics training, advice and collaboration services to researchers (faculty, postdocs, students, staff) on all aspects of data-enabled research, including:

  • Developing research questions and grant proposals
  • Using Data Science tools
  • Obtaining and accessing data (e.g., from Web pages, APIs, databases)
  • Structuring data for analysis (e.g., relational databases, NoSQL, text search engines, Hive, Pig)
  • Data management, curation, security and privacy
  • Approaches for cleaning and transforming data
  • Data analysis via statistical and machine learning and modeling
  • Visualization for exploratory data analysis and presentation of results (web based visualization, dashboards, etc.)
  • Computational issues (e.g., parallel computing, algorithmic and software development)
  • Data sharing and availability (via Web APIs, bulk-download, etc.)
  • Reproducibility and provenance
  • Other Data Science education and implementation resources at UC Davis

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