Seminars & un-Seminars

Date Title Speaker
25 October 2018 Un-Seminar: Data Science for the United Nations: harnessing digital footprints in Latin America Martin Hilbert
08 May 2018 Un-Seminar: When Data Disagree: Incorporating information from multiple sources into a comprehensive spatial model Quinn Hart
06 March 2018 Un-Seminar: Over-Packaged: Ecology & Evolution of R Packages Matteo Marcantonio and Diego Montecino
21 November 2017 Un-Seminar: Predicting Twitter Conversations Teresa Gil-Lopez and Cuihua Shen
07 November 2017 Un-Seminar: Development of Methods for Multi-omics Data Integration Danielle Lemay
30 May 2017 Un-Seminar: Unique IDs, unique observations, and universal data management Fraser Shilling
23 May 2017 Un-Seminar: Data bodies at play – Analyzing the human movement and sound captured by a video game Gina Bloom
09 May 2017 Un-Seminar: Dynamic predictions of patients length of hospital stay Ronald Fong
25 April 2017 Un-Seminar: If a tree falls in the forest: spatiotemporal predictions of drought induced mortality from large, remote sensing datasets Andrew Latimer
18 April 2017 Un-Seminar: Unearthing ‘creativity’ from the creativeness corpus David Kyle