Health Data Science

A UC Davis DataLab Research and Learning Cluster


The Health Data Science Research and Learning Cluster (HDS RLC)’s focus is on computing systems and approaches, data security technology, and analytic drivers to advance research on  health data. Examples of foci areas include secure virtual computing platforms for advancing machine learning capabilities and analysis on protected health information (PHI) data.

This new cluster will serve as a hub for the community with bi-weekly meetings, short lectures and thematic discussion groups, and will serve as a home for the interdisciplinary scholars in computer science, health informatics, and data science to develop next-generation systems for health data science  research. Membership is open all members of the UC Davis Health and UC Davis communities.

Reasons to join the cluster include:

  • Learning the challenges and opportunities in systems engineering and applied data sciences on health data;
  • Design, develop and use scalable and powerful computing systems that allow for data integration, analysis and sharing of protected data;
  • Discuss models and systems for advancing research computing and data sharing in health informatics;
  • Access DataLab and other health and research computational resources;
  • Connect with and receive advice from diverse peers across UC Davis and UC Davis Health campuses;
  • Open source and reproducible data enthusiasts and health-hackers welcome.

Winter 2022 Events Schedule

February 4Meet the 2022 Translational Health Data Science FellowsCharlie Fornaca,
Jiyeong Kim,
Linh Nguyen Ngoc Le,
Luca Cerny Oliveira,
Olivia Sattayapiwat,
Weitai Qian
February 18Roundtable Discussion on Synthetic Data Utility and EvaluationCharlie Fornaca,
Sandra Taylor,
Fred Myers,
Vladimir Filkov,
Jacqueline Stocking,
Priyadip Ray,
Nick Anderson,
Thomas Strohmer,

Fall 2021 Events Schedule

October 8Joint Info SessionVladimir Filkov,
Sandy Taylor,
Nick Anderson,
Sergey Buduchin,
Jason Adams, and
Nicole A. Capdarest-Arest
October 22Synthetic Data DemoCharlie Fornaca
November 5How Data Science is Transforming Our GovernmentMike Bhatt,
Rachelle Weiss,
Ahmad Tabatabaeifar
November 19Workshop: Model Validation for Applied Data ScienceWesley Brooks
December 3Leveraging Data to Build Better Image-Guided Minimally Invasive TherapiesRoger Goldman

Meeting Time and Location: Please submit a request to join the group’s announcement list ( to receive Zoom login credentials and additional meeting information.

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For inquiries about the Health Data Science group, contact Vladimir Filkov at or Charlie Fornaca at