Librarians wear many hats, and some of those have the world printed on them. Libraries in universities across the world support and sustain research expertise, including in the spatial sciences. From finding and maintaining print collections to identifying datasets, today’s geospatial librarians have also mastered how to work with – and help others work with – specific kinds of data.

In the latest episode of the Mappyist Hour podcast, DataLab’s GIS Data Curator, Michele Tobias, talks with her counterparts Kiri Carini (University of Arizona) and Diane Friz (Auraria Library, Colorado) about their roles in providing knowledge about spatial data to their library communities. Aside from the spatial component, one common theme in their jobs is the importance of working in conjunction with fellow library staff and local communities to provide research support, teach methods and tool based workshops, and work on research projects. You can listen to the episode on SoundCloud, now.